Personalized Cancer Therapy 


Metaclipse Therapeutics Corporation (“Metaclipse” or the “Company”) is a preclinical-stage biotechnology company developing MembrexTM, a novel cancer immunotherapy tailored to each patient and their specific tumor. Metaclipse intends to commercialize its products through licensing agreements with major pharmaceutical companies after establishing safety and effectiveness.

The Company’s products are designed to activate the body’s immune system to mount a broad and robust attack against metastatic cancer cells. These products are well-defined pharmaceutical ‘biological’ products. They consist of nano-size ‘vesicles’ prepared from tumor tissue taken from the patient that the Company augments using a proprietary ‘protein transfer’ method with clinically proven immunostimulatory proteins. After dermal administration, these modified vesicles deliver both immunostimulatory proteins and an array of patient-specific tumor-membrane antigens simultaneously to the immune system. This creates robust tumor-specific immunity that Metaclipse anticipates can destroy and/or suppress the growth of metastatic cancer cells originating from the patient’s primary tumor.

The Metaclipse team has demonstrated the effectiveness of their proprietary membrane-based tumor-specific immunotherapy in eliminating and/or suppressing the growth of cancer cells in several animal models of cancer.  Clinical, technical, regulatory, and market considerations have guided Metaclipse to select the treatment of certain metastatic breast, melanoma, prostate, and renal cancers as its initial product opportunities.

The first indication the Company is pursuing with its personalized cancer therapy is triple negative breast cancer (TNBC).  TNBCs represent a class of highly variable tumors and patients with TNBC have considerable unmet medical need.