Personalized Cancer Therapy 


Patents, Patent Applications, Product Rights

Metaclipse has an aggressive policy of seeking intellectual property protection and ensuring its freedom to operate through patent filings on the composition of matter, manufacture and use of its technology and related processes. In addition to filing patent applications directly with the USPTO and the PCT, the Company has executed an exclusive Option Agreement with the Office of Technology Transfer of Emory University to license the worldwide rights of the previous patents that have been assigned to Emory University on the technology.  

The current patent application covers latest compositions and processes of making and using tumor membrane vesicles, as well as combination immunotherapies with checkpoint blockade inhibitors.

•    PCT patent application PCT/US2013/024355, filed February 1, 2013, entitled “Immunostimulatory Composition, Particles and Uses Related Thereto” Inventor: Periasamy Selvaraj.

In addition to the 20-year exclusivity offered by the Metaclipse patent portfolio, the Food and Drug Administration offers a 12-year commercial exclusivity for first-to-market biologics. This FDA exclusivity may extend the market competitiveness of this technology.