Personalized Cancer Therapy 


The Company’s products consist of personalized cancer vaccine formulations comprised of nano-size (300-500 nm) Tumor Membrane Vesicles (TMVs) prepared from the patient’s tumor tissue, which undergo our proprietary “protein transfer” method to incorporate potent immunostimulatory protein molecules (ISMs) within the vesicle membranes (Figure below). The ISMs are attached to a glycolipid (GPI) linker that facilitates the incorporation of the ISMs to the TMVs. This linkage allows for the efficient delivery of a wide array of tumor antigens to the immune system while at the same time sending a “danger” signal.


Patient-specific TMVs (pink) are produced from the resected primary tumor (pink). Tumor antigens are depicted in purple, blue, yellow, and green. The TMVs are then modified with immunostimulatory molecules (GPI-B7-1 and GPI-IL-12 depicted in red) using our proprietary “protein transfer” technology to generate MembrexTM.

After injection to the patient, these modified vesicles (MembrexTM) simultaneously deliver an array of patient-specific tumor antigens and these immunostimulatory proteins to the immune system. Through this unique delivery of antigens in a particulate form, the Company’s products are designed to activate the body’s immune system to mount a broad and robust attack against metastatic cancer cells.